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Moscow Mountain

This was trial run number two of an idea I am working on. For those of you that haven't checked out my first exploration, the idea is to show the interaction between myself and the environment at the finite point where my feet meet the ground using pieces of aluminum attached to my boots. The metal is meant to record the wear that adds up over the course of time and distance from the start, during, and at the end of a trip through the environment. The indentations and scratches in the metal reflect the different surfaces covered in traversing and area.

In addition

Rubbing one of the aluminum plates on a piece of paper (see video 2 for the whole process).

Open house presentation of the project in my studio

Stills from video 1 (GoPro mounted to shoulder strap of my backpack).

The GoPro worked well for documenting the process. The sound wasn't quite as crisp as my trial run with an iPhone, but the muffled GoPro audio emphasized the sound of the foot strikes. I may make a few adjustments, like rotating the camera ninety-degrees to show more of the ground/trail and less of the terrain to either side. Overall, I am happy with this second trial run and will be exploring this idea (with slight adjustments) on some longer trips


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