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Attention to detail and knowledge of wood from an experienced artist and passionate woodworker.  Let's talk about your next project.


I find something special in picturing a specific mountain mahogany snag weathering above the river canyon every time I chop some vegetables, knowing that the bed I sleep in is made from a large elm tree that stood outside my childhood bedroom window, and sitting at a live-edge walnut desk made from boards that my grandfather milled before I was born.


Each handcrafted piece comes with photos of the tree it came from and glimpses of the stages between board and finished item so you too can know part of the story of the wood beneath your fingertips.

New pieces coming this winter. Reach out about custom builds!

Kaleb Glen Bass

Woodworker · Artist

I'm a woodworker and artist based in Moscow, Idaho. When I'm not in the shop or studio I'm often behind the oars of a raft admiring Mountain Mahogony and Hackberry or exploring forested ridgelines on foot and sleeping beneath towering Ponderosa pines.


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Look forward to working with you!

Kaleb Glen Bass

(208) 451-2820

Moscow, Idaho

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