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Video Projects and Installations

Time-based media allows for a unique depiction of movement through an environment. These experimental video projects question our (human) relationship with the landscape we interact with. Viewing the environment through alternative perspectives encourages a deeper observation and attention to the greater-than-human world.

Tension MFA Show

This piece was installed in the Ridenbaugh Gallery at the University of Idaho for the graduate student show Tension. The large piece shows the weight of human development and resource use on our watersheds and surrounding environment. The piece is made from canvas and concrete pieces from a demolished dam.

Gallery Installation

This piece was a alternative display of the Weight of Development piece installed in the Ridenbaugh Gallery at the University of Idaho for the graduate student show Tension.  The projected images of locations I have explored around Idaho and the Northwest paint a more prescribed scene than the blank canvas of the original piece.

9/21–9–9/27, 2018

Copper plates were attached to the bottom of a pair of boots and then intaglio printed after each trip out to Moscow Mountain. The resulting prints are shown alongside a video documenting the repetitive process of walking through the forest. The aim is to show the interaction between myself and the environment at the fraction of an inch where my feet meet the ground.

Topography of Color

Color Charts Reimagined

These painting started out as a creative approach to mixing color values. The landscapes are places that are important to me and in which I have spent enough time to draw the topography from memory. It was certainly more fun than masking out and painting hundreds of one inch squares.

Artistic, Anatomical Movement of the Human Body

This project aims to depict muscles of the human body in motion. My passion for both human athletic performance and artistic representation makes anatomy a fascinating subject for me. The goals of this project are to present human movement in an enlightening manner and to invite viewers to explore the inner workings of their own bodies.

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