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Past Work

2005 – 2017

Early work from my first oil painting class in 2005 to graduating high school in 2013 as well as work completed during my four years of undergrad at Pacific University from 2013 to 2017.

Early Years: 2005–2013

Early work from my first oil painting class in 2005 to graduating high school in 2013, organized by medium. In my current work, I apply a variety of multi-media techniques that draw form my experience with different methods of painting, drawing, and sculpting over the years.

Pacific Puzzle Project

This project was a public art commision for my university. The six-foot by ten-foot puzzle is made up of eleven large wood pieces, depicting the mission of Pacific University: “A diverse and sustainable community dedicated to discovery and excellence in teaching, scholarship and practice, Pacific University inspires students to think, care, create, and pursue justice in our world.”

Airbrush Fine Art

The unique quality of the airbrush places a distinct style in my artwork. Its typical application in commercial art contrasts with the way I use it to depict nature and light. Airbrushing is a diversely applied skill that I have chosen to integrate into my fine art.

On Location: Hawaii

In January 2014 and January 2016 I had the opportunity to spend over two weeks drawing (2014) and painting (2016) on the island of Oahu.  


Metals provide a welcome relief from working in paint. The monochromatic colors are in stark contrast with the bright and colorful inks I use in my paintings. I believe it is very important for the creative artist to constantly work in varying mediums. 

Body Paint

The human body as a canvas is an idea that is reflected by my interest in the function and aesthetics of the human body.  I enjoy showcasing individuals in my artwork whether it is portraits, body paint, henna, face paint, or tattoos.

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